Pet Rotary Sunrise Charities Day

Petoskey Rotary Sunrise gives annual donation to eight local
charities.  Each year, the club raises money from the Bay 5/10 K
Run/Walk for Charities and other projects such as calendar sales, with
proceeds to help these local charities.  Representatives were on hand
at the annual charities breakfast to thank the club and share with the
group some of the projects and impacts they make in the community.
(L-R) Rotary Sunrise President Andy Hayes, Tom Richie (Red Cross),
Roman Hank & Major Matt Grindle (Salvation Army), Jerry VanSlembrouck
(Junior Achievement), Jan Mancinelli (Womans Resource Center), Kathy
Hart (Manna), Jen Crocket (YMCA) and Brent Marlatt (Camp Daggett).
Missing from the photo is PHS Operation Thanksgiving.