Rotary_Sunrise_Venison_for_Manna_Dinner_2010[1]Rotary Sunrise Manna2

Photo 1: Sunrise Rotary member Dave Meyer and Chef Shane Brown explain the Venison for Manna Project to hungry participants at the dinner.  Photo 2: Sunrise Rotary members that cooked the venison, chicken and side dishes were Joe Kanine, Stan Smith and John Johnson under the watchful eyes of Chef Shane Brown.


Petoskey Rotary Sunrise kicked off their annual Venison for Manna
project by having a vevenisoninner fundraiser.  Over 70 supporters
attended the dinner with proceeds going to defray the cost of venison
processing.  This project is aimed at providing the Manna Food Pantry
with venison meat.  Last year over 300 lbs were provided.   This year's
goal is 1000 lbs.  Local hunters are encouraged to donate deer
harvested and local processors to the processing at a reduced cost.